Discreet dating affirmation website

discreet dating affirmation website

Is discreet dating affirmation a scam?

Discreet Dating Affirmation is one of the highest risk scams I have seen. ... Discreet Dating Affirmation & Guarantee Date How the Scam Works ... Hosts profiles do not pertain to any actual person no physical meeting will never take ...

How can you tell if a dating site is a scam?

If you search for matches, take a look at how many you see, what websites they’re on, as well as the quality. If you see one or two photos that match the one you’ve uploaded, that’s a great sign. However, if you see 5 for example, this is almost certainly a scam.

What is the birth date scam?

This scam involves you being redirected to another website, where it will request that you input your personal information, such as: birth date, full name, address, credit card details and more. This not only sets you up for a money scam but identity theft as well.

A scammer stole my phone number, home address, email address, and the name (only) of my bank. Can I be safe if I change my email address and phone number, or is there no other solution?

Is it safe to communicate your birth date to a company?

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