Dating headstones

dating headstones

How do you write dates on a headstone?

The traditional formula for dates includes the month spelled out followed by the date, a comma, and the year. Other variations on the dates: Headstone Sentiments. Often families will add a brief quote, saying, verse, or sentiment.

When should you put a headstone on a grave?

Clearly, there is no clear-cut answer to when you should put a headstone on a grave, even some of the professionals closely linked to funerals get it wrong. So, Let’s take some time to look at some of the factors that can influence the time you are required to wait.

What information is on a headstone?

The marker usually states the name of the person who died and the dates of birth and death, and may include other personal information, images, or a quote, called an epitaph. Headstones come in a number of styles, including:

Can I add words of endearment to an existing headstone?

Granite headstones, tombstones or vertical monuments installed at all cemeteries may need inscription, dates or added words of endearment inscribed on the existing headstone. As family members pass on you may want to add on some special words or even a porcelain inlaid photograph to the monument or on a granite bench at the gravesite.

What can I write on a headstone inscription?

This can be as simple as “In Loving Memory” or “Forever Loved” above the name and dates. It can get as lengthy or detailed as you like (or can afford). Here are a few examples of additional things to say on the headstone inscription: For more inscription ideas, see here, here, here, here, and here. We hope you have found this article to be of help!

What is a headstone and how is it used?

A headstone is a marker that sits above a grave. Generally, headstones include the deceaseds name, date of birth, date of death and sometimes a simple saying or verse.

Do cemeteries put dates on headstones?

Some cemeteries insist the dates are inscribed, and it’s probably a good idea; the headstone is not just a marker of a grave but a record of a life, and it could lead to confusion if the inscription is particularly cryptic. Often, the names and dates are enough.

How do I choose a headstone for my loved one?

If your loved one chose to write their epitaph while alive, then use this as an inscription for the headstone. If this wish was not made clear, you may go through the letters and notes that they have left behind to see if you find something that expresses your loved one’s feelings.

What is a headstone? A memorial headstone is a grave marker set up at the head of a grave, often bearing details of the person who has died. Also known as a tombstone, gravestone or memorial stone, this type of memorial usually shows the deceaseds name, date of birth, and date of death, as well as other inscriptions or poems.

What information do you put on a headstone?

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