Dating rumored

dating rumored

Are Dara and G-Dragon dating?

One of the most popular K-pop ships, Dara and G-Dragon dating news, is one of the biggest announcements that fans are still waiting even now. Due to their chemistry, fans then speculated that they could have been dating each other secretly and were sending hints and codes about their relationship.

Are K-pop idols dating each other?

K-pop idols who are dragged in dating rumors receive either hate, love, or criticism. While K-pop idols dating each other are subject to the approval of the K-pop fans and netizens, there are k-pop dating rumors that are hilariously scooped in the past.

Are twice and BTS dating?

Another BTS and TWICE member were hilariously rumored as K-pop dating couple. Netizens once believed that the two had a bad relationship in the past. Jeongyeon exhibited a cold expression when Jimin was on screen, thus it created a funny idea that they dated together but ended up in bad terms.

Are G-Dragon and Dara from BigBang dating?

For those who are unaware, fans spotted G-Dragon and Dara leaving the concert venue together following BIGBANG’s concert, and the interactions between the two caused rumors of dating to start spreading quickly.

Did Dara from 2NE1 date G-Dragon?

Meanwhile, her stories about her previous relationship seemed to contradict fans speculations that she dated BIGBANG G-Dragon. In particular, Dara who debuted in 2NE1 in 2009 under YG Entertainment is a junior of BIGBANG until she left last May this year.

Is JTBC’s Sandara dating G Dragon?

However, while filming for JTBC’s “Talking Street”, Sandara denied the alleged dating rumor. According to reports of K-pop Herald, Haha who hosts the program said congratulations to Sandara at the filming of the show, referring to the recent reports about the rumor that she is dating her label-mate G-Dragon.

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